• Achromatic Lens

    Achromatic Lens

    A lens designed to minimize chromatic and spherical aberration. These two lenses are respectively made of t..

  • Ball Lens

    Ball Lens

    The "curvature of the sphere" of a spherical lens is constant, that is, the front and back surfaces of the ..

  • Biconcave Spherical Lens

    Biconcave Spherical Lens

    Double concave spherical lens is composed of two concave spherical surfaces, the focal length is negative, ..

  • Biconvex Spherical Lens

    Biconvex Spherical Lens

    A biconvex lens is composed of two convex spherical surfaces with a positive focal length, usually with obj..

  • Meniscus Spherical Lens

    Meniscus Spherical Lens

    Meniscus lenses are divided into positive meniscus and negative meniscus lenses. One side of the meniscus l..

  • Plano-Convex Spherical Lens

    Plano-Convex Spherical Lens

    A plano-convex spherical lens consists of a flat surface and a convex spherical surface, and has a positive..

  • Plano-Concave Spherical Lens

    Plano-Concave Spherical Lens

    Composed of a plane and a concave spherical surface, it has a negative focal length and negative spherical ..


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