Optical coating technology

Has a perfect coating production line, the introduction of Germany, the United States, Japan and other advanced equipment, covering ion-assisted electron gun (EB-IAD), ion sputtering (IBS), magnetron sputtering (MS) coating coating technology can be plated anti-reflection film, reflection film, filter film, polarizing film and so on. Weak absorption can be tested

Precision optical technique

Deep cultivation of precision optical components for nearly 20 years, the establishment of domestic leading precision cold processing production line, covering plane optics, spherical optics, cylindrical optics, polarization optics and so on. The company has a complete range of advanced optical manufacturing equipment and testing instruments, to achieve high power and high precision optical lens self-testing.

Deepen light glue technology

With the industry's leading optical bonding technology, to achieve the same glass materials between different glass materials, between the surface coating layer. The laser damage threshold of the product can reach 15J/cm2 @1064 nm 10 ns, and the damage threshold of 20 Hz and even higher bonding surfaces.

Film pressed glass aspheric technology

With an excellent team of mold and product design, precision machining, molding process technology development, and relying on the company's optical supporting technology, we can quickly meet customers' customized needs for various glass aspherical products.

What is deepened glue?
Using molecular gravity to achieve the bond between two prisms, no glue is needed, only a little pressure is required to make two clean, smooth and uniform optical surfaces adsorb together. The smoother the contact surface of two objects, the smaller the friction law only applies to a certain range, when the surface is smoother than a certain limit, the smoother, the greater the friction, because too smooth molecules are closely adjacent to each other on the surface, the distance between each other is very small, can attract each other due to the electromagnetic action between two molecules, the more smooth, the smaller the distance between molecules, the greater the attraction.


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