• UV-High Power Polarization Cube BeamSplitter

    UV-High Power Polarization Cu..

    High Transmittance, High LIDT and good parallelism. These products are widely used in Laser, laser system, ..

  • UV Laser Mirror

    UV Laser Mirror

    Used in various laser systems as a turning mirror, it can be used in laser light path turning system, laser..

  • UV Filter

    UV Filter

    According to the wavelength of light to transmission or reflected, achieve Spectral spectroscopic .Complet..

  • UV Waveplate

    UV Waveplate

    Half-wave plates are typically used to rotate the polarization of light, while quarter-wave plates are chos..

  • UV Film

    UV Film

    Material is UV Fused silica, used to change or measure the polarization of incident light.

  • UV Window

    UV Window

    UV-grade fused silica is well suited for applications that benefit from increased transmission deeper into ..

  • UV Optics Products Overview

    UV Optics Products Overview



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